Multidisciplinary designer working across domains-from identity and branding, type, motion graphics, visual effects and concept user interfaces in film to user experience, interaction, software and visual design.

Able to bring a unique perspective, drawing on the broad exposure gained from working in a diverse set of creative fields; applying that experience to explore new opportunities and methods for the work being undertaken and sharing that knowledge and insight freely.

Noted for the creation of fantasy user interfaces in films as such as Children of Men, The Island, Mission Impossible 3 and many more, crossing the lines between futurism and realizing those visions in films in a practical and believable way. After also working closely with the developers of tools used in design, animation and visual effects to help realize that work, turned in 2007 to focus on software design, spending 3 years working with Gridiron Software in Canada on the award winning workflow application Flow.

Currently based in the Bay Area.


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